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Halogi Hot Sauce – Tyrfing’s Curse


Haloji Hot Sauce – Tyrfing’s Curse

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Herbs paired with hints of mustard and turmeric set the stage for serious heat from three extra hot peppers: habanero, ghost, and scorpion. Seafood, poultry, and tofu shine with Tyrfing’s Curse, though it can go on most any dish that needs an extra punch.

As featured on Hot Ones Season 18: the sauce that got us one degree closer to Kevin Bacon; that made Khloe Kardashian cry; that cursed Gabriel Iglesias; that nearly got Neil Patrick Harris to say the F word while compulsively eating the wing because it’s that good; that Queen Latifah puts in her ramen (or at least she planned on it); that got Bear Grylls to finally reach for a sip of milk; that made Post Malone duel with Sean Evans as mages; that Millie Bobby Brown called “fun”; that caused Daniel Kaluuya to wonder how we pitched the name in the first place; that forced Mark Rober to abandon science in favor of safety; that pushed Tessa Thompson (THE VALKYRIE HERSELF) nearly to the point of drooling; that Andrew Callaghan reported it as good with the marrow; and that made Lizzo feel “good as hell.”