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Lagom (Not Too Little, Not Too Much) by Niki Brantmark


Lagom (Not Too Little, Not Too Much) by Niki Brantmark

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For everyone who has gotten cozy with hygge, discover another way of Scandinavian living with this full color, definitive guide to lagom (pronounced lar-gom), a balanced lifestyle enjoyed by Swedes that embodies the ideal of “not too little, not too much—just right.”

In this inviting, inspirational illustrated guide, Niki Brantmark explains lagom and explains how to incorporate it into your own lifestyle, including:

Home: declutter, keep items you love; buy consciously;

Work: take regular coffee breaks away from your desk, Swedish style; learn to “switch off” at home;

Money: more isn’t happiness—live within your means and be thrifty without sacrificing quality;

Body & Mind: exercise that fits your life and healthy habits that make you feel better (starting with more sleep);

Food: enjoy that slice of cake, but remember, portions in moderation;

Leisure: get out in nature—take a hike in the woods or a dip in the sea;

Family: keep it simple and organized;

Friendship: forms bonds that will last a lifetime;

And much more.


Hardcover. 288 pages. 


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