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Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni: The Finnish Path to Relaxation by Miska Rantanen


Päntsdrunk: Kalsarikanni: The Finnish Path to Relaxation

by Miska Rantanen

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The Danish taught us hygge—how to embrace coziness.
The Swedes showed us the joys of lagom—balance.
Now, in this irreverent guide, discover the Finns’ secret to contentment: kalsariokanni—pantsdrunk–drinking at home, alone, in your undies!

When it comes to quality of life rankings, Finland always scores near the top of international surveys. Finns enjoy the best education system, gender equality, and a flourishing welfare state. These accomplishments have been made possible because of the Finns’ sisu or bull-headed pluck, as well as their ability to stay calm, healthy, and content despite a riptide of endless tasks and temptations—an ability that derives from the practice of kalsarikanni: pantsdrunk.

In this wry guide, Miska Rantanen explains this revered Finnish way of life and explains how to adopt it:

  1. Peel off your clothes down to your underwear.
  2. Place your favorite savory or sweet snacks within reach alongside your bed or sofa.
  3. Make sure your television remote is nearby along with any and all devices to access social media.
  4. Open your preferred alcoholic beverage.

Your journey toward inner strength, higher quality of life, and peace of mind has begun.

Rantanen explains the philosophy of panstdrunk and offers insights into how to reach pantsdrunk nirvana, how to practice pantsdrunk outside your home, how to combine it with social media, music, and film, and how to use it in achieving Zen.

176 pages.  Hardcover. 


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