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Saltverks – Flaky Sea Salt


Saltverks – Flaky Sea Salt

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Saltverk flaky sea salt is a unique, crunchy, pure sea salt from the remote Westfjjords of Iceland. We hand harvest our salt using an artisanal, sustainable and environmentally friendly method dating from the 17th century.
Our raw material is the pristine, clean seawater of the Westfjords. To produce our salt, we use only green, geothermal energy from the region’s hot geysers. This means our carbon footprint in making the salt is zero. It is the only artisanal salt in the world produced with 100% geothermal energy,

Flaky Sea Salt – The hero product, our handcrafted and artisanal sea salt produced with the use of only geothermal energy in the remote Westfjords.  Ingredients:  Flaky sea salt  90 gm/3.17 oz


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