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Sisu: Find Your Resilience the Finnish Way by Justyn Barnes


Sisu: Find Your Resilience the Finnish Way by Justyn Barnes

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Confront life’s challenges courageously and gracefully with this beautifully illustrated, gifty guide to sisu, the Finnish concept of resilience.

Often translated as resilience or perseverance, the Finnish concept of sisu is about never giving up, no matter how impossible a task may seem. At its heart lies the idea of getting back up from any failure, whether it be losing a job or the end of a relationship, and having the courage to use that experience to grow. So, if you’re running a marathon and feel like you’ve hit a wall or have a great business idea but feel too frightened to try it, channeling sisu can help you overcome both mental and physical blocks. This friendly introductory guide, filled with inspirational quotes, explains how to embrace sisu and incorporate its principles into your daily life. Learn how to welcome change with open arms and turn difficult situations into opportunities for self-reflection.

Hardcover.  Size: 5.75 in. x 6.75 in


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